Barbara Dupray-Cook Color Creations Hair Design & Electrolysis

Customer Testimonials

Cheri L.

Barb provides first class, professional services as an electrologist and an expert hair color specialist. Thank you Barb...
I met Barb 4 years ago after moving here from New Jersey and she has been such a blessing tackling all my hair needs. About 2 years ago, during one of my 15 minute electrolysis appointments I was greeted by Barb who had changed her hair color. I said to Barb if you can do that to your hair maybe you could do it to mine. Barb discussed a plan of attack just as she had described her plan of attack with my unwanted hair. She has successfully achieved both goals. She removed unwanted hair from my brows, chin, neck and upper lip. As a hair color specialist she has turned my over-processed, damaged, broken hair from brassy blonde to healthy, highlighted natural blonde. I receive many compliments. I love my hair!! I recommended her to my sister and she loves her too! Cheri L.

At last, a permanent and affordable solution to the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin and in less time than expected! I had many dark coarse hairs under my chin that I had been tweezing for years. The entire course of treatment was about a year of weekly treatments but I am thrilled to say that I have not had to tweeze for the past 15 years! I have known Barbara for many years and she made an embarassing situation feel very comfortable and almost relaxing. Definitely the way to go for permanent removal of unwanted hair. Maureen

When I moved to the North Shore many years ago I needed to find a quality local hair stylist. A friend highly recommended Barbara to me and it's been a wonderful experience since. As a busy professional I have limited time for personal appointments. I appreciate that Barb never overbooks and my appointment time is the time I am always seen. She is a stickler for ensuring the highest level of cleanliness at the salon - who doesn't appreciate that! She is warm, welcoming and always professional in her approach to clients. Barb does not remain stagnant. I value her opinion because she is creative and constantly updates her skills and knowledge of her craft. I trust that she listens to my input so that we can work together to develop a plan for the hair color and style that best suits me. It is always a pleasure and of course I always leave my appointment looking better than when I arrived!. Joanne Civitarese

I have been a client of Barbara Dupray-Cook, Registered Electrologist, for four years now and am delighted with the results I have seen. Barbara's work is of the highest quality.
Before coming to Barbara I had struggled with removing facial hair for years. I tried hot waxes and creams without good results as they tended to burn my skin and did not permanently remove the hair. Since Barbara has been working with me, my facial hair has decreased dramatically which has given a huge boost to my self-esteem and confidence. Barbara is not only exceedingly skilled, but is also supportive, encouraging, discreet and funny. She makes the sessions pass quickly with her humor and wit and always listens to my concerns.
I strongly recommend electrolysis as a way to permanently remove unwanted hair and I enthusiastically recommend Barbara Dupray-Cook as an electrologist. I would not go anywhere else. Danielle F.

Sheila MacDonald

I was never able to get just the right color for my hair and someone suggested that I try Barb Cook, as she is a wiz with color. She found exactly what I was looking for and I have now been with her for over ten years! We have gone through many cuts and different colors and she will always tell me the truth if my ideas are not compatible with my hair. With my latest cut, I get compliments on the cut and color all the time, which is important as a real estate agent who deals with people all day. It's really great and I love it! Sheila MacDonald

I have been going to Barbara for many years and always knew she was one of the best in the business. Friendly, kind and with a huge amount of knowledge, she always would listen, ask questions, and make great suggestions about my hair, whether it's a trim, a new hairstyle, or anything color-related. But it was an experience I had last year that proved to me that Barb is truly in a class of her own when it comes to being knowledgeable about hair.
I had moved away to New York, and found a stylist there I liked and thought would be able to do a touch-up of the same color I had been getting, and loving, from Barb for years. Instead, 4 hours in a salon chair and many tears later, my blonde hair was a terrible black-green color and I was devastated. As soon as I walked out of the NY stylist's salon, I knew I had to get back to see Barb to fix this mess.
She fit me in right away for the first weekend I was back in MA, and assured me she would do everything she could to safely get my hair back to my original color without damaging my hair even more. She laid out a plan and got to work, spending serveral hours and getting the process just right. Over the course of a few appointments over the next few months, she completely fixed the terrible mistake the NY stylist had made and protected my hair from further damage. I couldn't say thank you enough for the way she turned a terrible hair situation around. I'm forever grateful to her, and continue to sing her praises to everyone I can! Molly Ford

Elaine Pinchaud

Barb is my "go-to". I'm not sure how long we have known each other (I would guess longer than 20 years) and I did try one or two others along the way (due to my schedule changes) but knew I would always come back to her which I did.
This past Spring I retired and relocated to Falmouth. When I moved, Barb gave me the color formula she uses on me. My next door neighbor recommended a hair stylist and I made an appointment. I provided the formula over the phone and when I got there she told me she couldn't find it down here. I left with a different hair color and a hair style that I hated - not even close to Barb's cut - what a disappointment.
This experience made me realize that driving to Barb (over 2 hours) each way is so worth it. Several people in Falmouth have asked me who does my hair - they comment on the cut and color.
Not only is Barb a great hair stylist she is a special person whom I admire. Elaine Painchaud

Barbara has been my hair stylist for years. She has an eye for what looks best on each person based on their face shape and skin tone. She gets to know you, your personal style, and your lifestyle so she can suggest the best cuts and styles. She has always encouraged me to make the "right" decision, like not putting blond streaks in my hair, but she will certainly do what I ask. Getting your hair styled is a pampering experience and she delivers! Gloria Jemery